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About Us

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The visionaries behind Shop Strange!

What keeps us going at Shop Strange? Check us out!

Shop Strange Mission Statement

At Shop Strange, our mission is to build an empire that will provide a better quality of life for our family, our friends, and our community for many generations to come. We are the fearless ones that have the passion, drive, and determination to raise the bar in the custom printing industry and set new standards on quality, customer service, and excellence and nothing will stop us from being the best!!!

Back Story

In December of 2012, Shop Strange was made up of two guys looking to make a name for themselves as Entrepreneurs with a desire to provide careers to others who believed in them. Justin Campbell and Kris Zahm incorporated the name, Shop Strange, and went to work formulating a plan to break into the custom apparel decoration industry. In October of 2013 we opened our first retail location in Boise, Idaho. At this time we brought in Danny deBeaumont to help complete the Shop Strange leadership team.
Things weren’t easy in the beginning and we had to hustle our asses off day in and day out to really get the ball rolling. We sold custom one off items, hosted disc golf tournaments all across the state of Idaho and started to learn how to screen print in order to keep the doors open. Our disc golf tournaments were very successful but once the summer was over we were faced with a choice, either take some time off waiting for disc golf season again or we could start screen printing business logos with the skills we had learned from printing shirts for our disc golf tournaments.
Luckily we made the right decision and we immediately hopped on the phones and started calling people from the phone book to introduce ourselves as the latest and greatest print shop in Boise, Idaho. We worked hard, delivered good quality work, great customer service and ultimately just kept it real with all of our customers and over time they have became our clients, our lifeline. People were realizing Shop Strange was going to have their back and make the ordering process seamless from A to Z. The combination of all of these factors have made us the Northwest’s number one rated print shop and the premier one stop shop for businesses all across the country for their custom branding needs. With our recent expansion into Portland, Oregon we have opened up our services to cover a larger area in the Northwest with plans to open more locations across the U.S. and with a strong focus on increasing our online presence with our New Online Design Studio. With so much riding on the line, and so much opportunity in front of us… NOTHING WILL STOP US FROM BEING THE BEST!!!!

Custom Products

Shop Strange was born as a ONE STOP SHOP for schools, events, organizations, business owners and their custom printing needs for apparel & promo items. Hit us up and let’s work together to bring your ideas to life. We got your back!

Thank You From Shop Strange

We strive daily to continue our growth as an emerging brand name in the custom printing industry and we would not be who we are today without our clients. Thank you for checking us out and for your continuous referrals & support. Give us a call at our Boise Office: 208-377-9063 or our Portland Office: 503-954-3478 or Contact Us to get a custom quote started for you.