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Design Your Own T-Shirts Online

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Custom Swag For You

We want to talk about your custom shirt designs. Whether it’s for a promotional event, a special memory, or simply for fun, you want your shirt to exhibit several qualities.

First, you want it to look great. Second, you need it to feel great. Third, you wish it to be durable. Fourth, the cost of the design and production must be low enough to fit both the people who wear the them as well as your budget.

DIY doesn’t work this time around

Some people take it upon themselves to create designs and imprint shirts. While the former is a great idea, the latter is not. Even today’s technology has a difficult time to maintain a printed design on a shirt. Particularly one that may not be as sturdy as ones used by print shops.

And then there’s the cost. A few shirts for friends or family probably won’t tip your budget. However, printing dozens of shirts can cause it to fall apart with the additional purchase of toner cartridges, iron-on printer sheets, and shirts. 

Go with Shop Strange in Portland, Oregon

What the examples above reveal is you still want to consider a professional design shop should you need custom shirt printing in Portland, or across the U.S. Here are a few more reasons why a company like ours is the right one for your shirts.

Different formats

Suppose you’re holding a charity golf tournament, and you want the participants to wear something with the event’s logo. For this situation, a screen-printed t-shirt is most likely not the solution. Instead, you want them to wear a polo shirt with the event information over one of the breast pockets. And you want it embroidered instead of screen printed.

In addition to the tournament, you also decide to hold an after-event fair, also for charity. Here, you want things to be more casual, so you require moisture-wicking screen-printed t-shirts for staff. Plus, you want to sell some shirts using a variety of different designs.

Most likely, you can’t do both on your own. However, a company like ours can. Here’s why:

  • We utilize state of the art automatic and manual screen print presses to ensure print quality and consistency on your production runs;
  • Our top of the line conveyor dryers cure each print for durability and longevity so your shirts look great after numerous washings;
  • Tajima embroidery machines are used to stitch designs on the polos and work shirts that best fit your needs.

Graphic design

Sometimes you have an idea for a design or logo that you have a hard time putting down in a physical form. Instead of producing something that doesn’t truly represent your desire, you can speak to our artists. Together, you can step through the entire process to make your idea become reality. 

However, this requires your input. Our artists can’t produce the design or logo you need without your comments. This is why you work with our staff member from the beginning of the process to the finish. We want your screen print or embroidery to represent exactly what you had in mind.

Online design

Perhaps you want to work with us but don’t live in the Portland area. In this case, you have an advantage when creating a custom look for your shirts. Our online design studio gives you power to create the art or logos for your apparel. 

Here, you can go two ways. First, you can upload a design of your own. Second, you can create one in the studio with 2000 clip art designs and logos that are all royalty free. In either situation, once it’s received by the design department, it is printed/embroidered and shipped within 10 business days.


If you decide to design and print shirts on your own, here are some potential costs you may incur:

  • An artist to create a design or logo;
  • If not an artist, software that helps you generate an image or font for the garment;
  • An application to send the designs through a printer;
  • High-heat iron-on paper to use on the shirts;
  • A separate company to handle embroidery;
  • The t-shirts, polos, and work shirts needed for your event or promotion.

When totaled, these separate components can cost several thousand dollars. Most likely, this will take a large chunk of your budget. However, the costs should be reduced considerably when you turn to a professional custom shirt company in Portland, Oregon. 

First, all of the equipment and personnel are based within one organization. Second, the artists and machine workers have years of accumulated talent to ensure your shirts come out the way you desire them. Third, they work with garment companies to purchase durable shirts that easily handle the quick stitching of embroidery machines or the inks of screen printing equipment.

Fourth, the work is guaranteed. Thus, if a design did not appear the way you and the artist decided on, or there’s a flaw in the garments receive, we work to ensure the errors are corrected without any further charge to you. In turn, you can focus your budget on the event or promotion instead of a product rerun.

In conclusion, creating designs shouldn’t be left to a manual process that can extend production time, increase costs, and result in subpar apparel. When you are ready to promote your business or an event, don’t wait too long to contact us at Shop Strange. 

Regardless if you are in Portland, Oregon or elsewhere in the United States, we will work within your budget and design intentions to create custom t-shirts, polos, and work shirts. Furthermore, by following our process from start to finish, the products you pick up or have shipped will be three things. 

They will be beautiful.

They will be durable.

They will be memorable.

Overall, they will place you or your event in the best light possible.

Design Your own Shirts!

To design your own shirts, you can use our custom shirt designer here.

Contact our team or call us at:

Shop Strange – Portland Embroidery & Screen Printing
9220 SW Barbur Blvd #110
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 954-3478

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