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Embroidery Portland Oregon


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Embroidery is a complex process that started long ago. In fact, it goes all the way back to being started in China in 500 BC. This procedure is far from simple, using needle and thread to stitch any type of design on numerous different products. It offers a unique, timeless, and beautiful way for people or companies to tell their own personal story on a piece of fabric. This style of design is special in its own way especially considering how pointed and precise the entire process is. For many, many years, designing embroidery onto a product was a process that stayed exactly the same from start to finish. There were three simple materials that were always involved in every design project. Those materials were the fabric, the needle, and the thread or yarn. Then, depending on the particular design, other materials could be included like beads, sequins, pearls, or lace. 

Though the final result of most projects looks quite similar now to those done in the past, the entire process of each project has recently undergone quite a change. Somewhere around the middle of the 19th century, the process of embroidery designing became commercial. This commercialization included the use of machines and operators to complete projects. These machines were new, better, and faster. The final product was the same, but the change in the time it took to get everything done was too significant. Therefore, the use of machines and operators paved the way for mass production. As time went on, the machines that were being used to create designs got bigger, better, and faster, with some sewing up to 1500 stitches per minute. 

Though the use of machines caused great changes to the process of designing, there was still more to come that made designing even easier and better. Before the age of technology and media, the embroidery machines used a slow and tedious process. As we stated earlier, this process was fast compared to designing by hand. Though that is true, new technology would soon create something even faster. Before the rising of technology and digital media, machines used a process where punched holes go through the machine reader to give the machine specialize instructions as to how the design should go. These instructions would include things like needle movement, the type of stitches needed, the length of each stitch, and the changes needed in the thread throughout the design process. Technology and digital media have made it so that those of us that specialize in design can now see enlarged detailed versions of our finished product before the entire process is completed by simply looking at a computer. These images include very important information like the type of stitch that is needed and how the design will look from beginning to end. It makes is so that the entire process is much easier with few mistakes because we are better able to know the exact stitches that are needed.

As with other new machines that exist these days, embroidery machines have many different styles and brands. For the most part, they all do the same type of thing- help create beautiful designs. No matter which machine is used, an operator is needed for many jobs throughout the process and to ensure the design is coming along smoothly. The machines are able to hold many different thread colors at the same time which makes it so that the design project can go on continuously without stopping. However, we always keep in mind that once the item is done on the machine and removed, there may still be some final touch-ups to do. We understand that sometimes a machine cannot provide that personal touch that is needed to make each design really come together.

Most people choose embroidery when they would like their logo or any other type of specialized design to be put on their work shirt, dress shirts, uniforms, jackets, hats, and more to give a professional, high-quality look and style. Designs are also frequently used on blankets, sweat-suits, towels, coats, denim, and basically any fabric you can think of to produce custom designs. We have the finest equipment including Tajima embroidery machines that ensure we can take on any project from the smallest to the largest. Not to mention, the excellent quality of the lovely stitching on our designs are second to none!

We believe there are certain things you should consider before you decide to place an order for a design. When you pick up your finished item, you should be sure that your designs have the correct result you envisioned. It may be necessary for small changes to be made and we would completely understand if that were the case for any of our clients. Of course, there are different prices depending on the number of stitches and elaborateness of the project and design, but we are willing to work with you to ensure a price that is affordable and efficient. Reorders are also something you may be interested in, especially because they can be cost effective since there will be no extra charges for everything to be reset.

Here at Shop Strange, we are your custom branding experts! Our professional and friendly staff will guide you every step of the way to ensure your logo or design is prepared perfectly. We can help you select the fabric and items that are best for your needs with a design that can help you stand out, come together, or simply get a clean-cut professional look. Our company has extensive knowledge of designing and we can provide you with a final product that is just what you need for a reasonable price. We also have many other design services, including screen printing, graphic designs, banner/sign displays, and promotional items. So, feel free to contact us today to get started on a new design project, get a quote about an idea you have, or even take a look at out new design studio that allows you to create your own customized products by uploading your images from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone! We guarantee you that with a design from Shop Strange, you will have an amazing product that turns head everywhere you go.

Shop Strange – Portland Embroidery & Screen Printing
9220 SW Barbur Blvd #110
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 954-3478

Portland Oregon Embroidery

Shop Strange offers custom embroidery Portland as well as Lake Oswego, Oregon City, and other surrounding areas.

Some of our embroidery services include:

  • Custom apparel
  • Promotional products
  • Sports Team uniforms
  • hats and beanies
  • Golf tournaments uniforms
  • Caps hats
  • As well as other apparel and promotional products

Be sure to contact us for a complete cost guide.

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