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Professional Embroidery in Boise, Idaho

Professional Embroidery

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Professional embroidery on your clothing is a mark of high-quality and good taste in your company. Only the finest apparel should receive regular orders for embroidery. The most common items to be embroidered are polo shirts, work shirts, coats, and hats. We can create a project for you and ship it to your location, or we can work with you face-to-face at our Boise, Idaho location. Let’s answer some of your most common questions here.

How is embroidery different from graphic printing?

Graphic printing can last for a long time. The higher the quality of printing, the longer the logo or design will last. However, over time, it may fade, wear down, or simply be washed too many times. It can last a long time, but it won’t last forever.

Professional logo embroidery lasts forever. The embroidery thread is dyed with a permanent, high-wear dye, and the thread makes your logo permanent. No amount of washing or rugged wear-and-tear can affect your design in any way.

Embroidery is also more 3-dimensional. It will stand out better, look more professional, and stay smoother for all time. We highly recommend that you use professional embroidery in Boise Idaho for your staff clothing and for your corporate logo on office-wear.

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Why does it cost so much more than printing?

Embroidery lasts forever. It is a guarantee of high-contrast color and smooth quality. However, in order to get this guarantee, we use different machines that are specially made for embroidery. The work is more difficult and more complex.

Our premium prices reflect the high-quality material we use, the complex stitching we employ, and the much greater time investment that we make for you. We provide permanent solutions for your company, and we are appropriately compensated for our design delivery.

Our time investment, particularly for large orders, is quite significant. We recommend that, if you are ordering company logos on polo shirts, you ask us about sizing distribution. We are familiar with the common distribution of shirt sizes, and we can help you order the correct amount of inventory for each shirt size. Your project will also be on file with us for future use and expansion should you add to your employee ranks. We like to keep your branding smooth and complete for all future orders, as well.

Can we pick any colors we want for our project?

We strongly recommend that you have us create a prototype for you. Until you see it in person, you will not know if you really like the look of it. We recommend that you wear it around the office or among your friends. Ask everyone for their opinion of the color scheme. Sometimes, a good idea needs a little tweaking before it is truly great.

We would advise you to look at color swatches and have several different prototypes completed before making your final decision. Get input from your staff, especially the people who will be wearing your corporate clothing. They might recommend a slight color variation or a difference between your project and the company’s official colors.

For large-scale operations, we advise the following: If your corporate colors are trademarked, we may need to obtain bulk thread from your corporate color designer. This will make your project appear correct. However, it will also take more time and planning. Please keep this in mind and allow both yourself and us to make you feel really comfortable with the process.

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Can I make my own custom-made golf shirt?

Yes, we love making individual projects for you! We will help you pick out the correct fabric and color for yourself. We will work with you to create the exact design that you have in your head.

Our staff loves to help individuals create especially personal projects for themselves. We are so rewarded by how our customers work with us to design and create unique and special items for themselves!

If you don’t want to worry about colors on a computer screen, have us ship you some swatches or simply come in to see us at our Boise, Idaho location. You can see just how brilliant and perfect professional embroidery really is. You can pick your fabric, garment, embroidery thread, and bring in your own custom-designed logo or project photo. We will help you make it look and feel just right.

How many orders can my company place with you?

The sky is the limit! You can place as many orders as you like. We are here for both individual orders and for large-scale corporate orders. You can pick a variety of clothing sizes and have us embroider all of your corporate clothing for you. You can design large, expansive logos or very small designs. Whatever you need, we will make sure you receive it.

Can we get our local sports team’s embroidery done here?

Absolutely, we will do this for you. You can have beautifully embroidered hats made for your local softball team. A golf tournament can have us design special clothing just for the event. We can embroider denim fabric and blankets and beanie hats with the design for this year’s music fest in your area. We’ll make sure the colors match your event or that a wide variety of colors are available. Are you doing a special giveaway this year? We can embroider the prices and giveaways with different colors to make them stand out from the crowd.

No matter what you need for your embroidery project, we are here to make you ecstatically happy. When we are finished working for you, you will have colors, fabrics, thread, and designs with which you are incredibly happy.

You have three options for using our services:

  1. You can use our Online Design Studio to work on your project from the comfort of your own home. This is also a great way to get some ideas put together before coming in for a face-to-face visit if you prefer to work with us in person.
  2. You can call us. We will walk you through the many options you have available for ordering and trying our newest features!
  3. You can visit our Boise, Idaho location and view all of our options with your own eyes. Ask us about complex designs and ask to see all the different types of work we do. We will show you how creative we are so that you are inspired to be creative yourself. We’ll see you soon!

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