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Screen Printing Portland – Stickers, Apparel, and Embroidery


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Screen Printing in Portland, Oregon

Handcrafted screen printing is a vintage form of artwork. Originating as a method of printing, today’s styles still maintain its purpose of conveying a message, whether that message informs the reader or displays an image. Due to its simplicity, the process of using ink to wet a substrate through blocking and screening one color at a time remains the most powerful method of transferring and transmitting the essence of a brand or logo onto fabrics and garments.

The Process of Screen Printing

The technique of screen printing still uses a framed mesh or screen to transfer ink using a blade or the modern equivalent, a squeegee. As the blade is dragged across the screen, the mesh receives the colored ink in the openings. Dragging the blade in the opposite direction allows the contact between the screen and the substrate. It is a way of squeezing out the ink from the apertures or openings in the mesh. The artwork is produced from applying the ink one color at a time often using several screens to produce a beautiful, multicolored design. 

A Tip of the Cap to the Famous Screen-Printing Artists

For those old enough to remember, Andy Warhol was the famous artist who popularized screen printing as a technique used in portraying his many famous works including the Campbell’s Soup Cans, Marilyn Monroe in bold colors and the 1962 Marilyn Dyptych, possibly the artist’s most noted work. 

Artist Corita Kent, an American Roman Catholic nun and educator, also worked nearly exclusively using silkscreen to produce serigraphy. Her innovative methods emphasized a desire for democratic outreach. Through her artistic activism from the 60s through the 80s, Sister Mary Corita Kent promoted love and tolerance by expressing her spiritually-informed social commentary in the form of affordable art intended to reach the masses.

Help Promote Your Business with T-Shirt Printing

For more than 100 years, screen printing has been an affordable and popular printing solution to getting the word out. What word is that? You name it. If you are trying to promote your business, it is hard to beat custom shirts for exposing your brand. You should think of it as hundreds of human billboards walking all around the world spreading your brand message wherever they go. It is your most effective, viral marketing method when done correctly.

Let’s face it: T-shirts never go out of fashion, and those that have the most compelling message or artistry tend to have prominence in the preferred choice of garment to wear. The Tee has been a wardrobe staple for better than 60 years now. As a branding mechanism, it is the one device that needs little to no explanation as to how to use it. What is key to your marketing success is in wisely choosing the garments that have mass appeal and designing your message so that it reaches everyone’s interest in a popular way.

Designing Your Artwork

As it is with logos, if you design artwork with high appeal to the general population, you increase your exposure when people are inclined to wear your designs over others. Brand loyalty through the kind of exposure from screen-printed T-shirts gains fans through visibility, through association, through the enviable desire of others who want to have the same “T” their friends are wearing and more. 

We at Shop Strange understand your needs when it comes to designing. Check out our Online Designer to help bring your ideas to life. You can upload your logo or create one making use of our extensive library of royalty-free clip art and fonts. It is even mobile friendly.

Keep It Simple

Screen printing is the optimal choice for our customers that are using from one to seven colors in their design. Our equipment includes state-of-the-art automatic screen print presses, but we also have manual screen print presses to meet your unique screen-printing needs. Planning a logo should contemplate the easy replication, even into the future after your brand has gained recognition. Less is more. Start with a simple concept and see how minimal shapes or sweeps of line or detail will depict your unique style. You want to make it a memorable, one-of-a-kind standout that is immediately associated with your name brand.

Our process also includes top-of-the-line conveyor dryers. Each garment, towel, apron or other fabric you choose to screen print must cure to ensure longevity. We produce custom screen-printed apparel that is durable and continues to look fantastic even as items age. We also provide an extensive apparel catalog from which to order the perfect branded apparel. Some of this year’s popular trends in T-shirts include bright colors, heavyweight Tees, multiple textures, nostalgic designs, the mineral wash look and unusual placement of artwork.

Our Professional Design Team Are Here to Help You

Custom apparel displaying your magnificent artwork make an excellent choice for business events, schools, organizations, family reunions, fundraisers, as donations, at trade shows and conventions and so many more venues. Creating a successful marketing solution for your business, whether big or small, can convert your strategy into reality through the use of branded apparel. 

Our professional printing team here at Shop Strange are specialists with a passion in designing and screen printing your ideas making them a reality for you to propel your brand recognition to levels you may have not imagined before. Even if you are starting with only the nucleus of an idea, we have the tools and the experts to help you flesh out the concept and produce a high-quality branded garment you can be proud of.

We are your one-stop-shop for businesses not just in Portland, Oregon, but all across the country as well to facilitate your custom branding needs. We strive with a passion for success as an emerging brand ourselves in the custom printing industry working hard to deliver excellent quality in workmanship and customer service. Check us out at our website. We are eager to show you how affordable custom-designed and screen-printed T-shirts are. Give us a call at either our Boise or Portland offices so we can produce a free quote for you today.

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Portland Screen Printing

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Shop Strange is more than a custom screen printing company so please be sure to contact us about our other promotional product graphic design options that we offer. We supply custom designed products to many local companies with quality results.

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