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Screen Printing

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Custom Printing

There are so many reasons why you would want to take advantage of custom screen printing. Artists have used this media for at least the last 60 years notably seen in the works of Andy Warhol, Arthur Okamura, Harry Gottlieb, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and others. Screen printing is a highly creative method of expression and artistic vision. One of the most commonly used screen-printing treatments is to make printed T-shirts for many different purposes. 

T-Shirt Uses

We are all familiar with our favorite sports teams’ jerseys proudly displaying the team logo or mascot. We enjoy wearing those ourselves to demonstrate our team pride. Perhaps your school’s team needs uniforms, or your bowling league could use a “striking” new profile to impress the competition and inspire team spirit? Charitable events that need to get attention for their campaigns do well to get matching T-shirts to broadcast to the public at large what they are working on. 

Corporate events, school functions, family reunions, retreats, picnics or parties, marches or even political events are all prime reasons for getting matching T-shirts made using custom Portland screen printing. What event do you have coming up for which you could use some custom shirts?

It is All About Being Recognized

When you think about it, the volume of T-shirt art is endless. It could be your own artwork that you are selling. Making your pieces into wearable art is a no-brainer. For everyone your sell, you gain in profit, but then you have a walking billboard displaying your mastery everywhere the wearer goes, which is exactly why businesses use the T-shirt to get their logos out into the world. 

There is no better recognition than spotting a fellow fan from across a crowded room or ball field demonstrating their fealty. There is no better way to strike up the conversation than to wear a new logo that prompts the question: What is the company you are wearing? Imagine all that free publicity.

The Integrity of Sharing

Then there is the natural contagion of others wanting to wear what you are wearing. There is certainly strength in numbers. This compound interest is a huge payoff for the entrepreneur who is working to get his or her brand growing among the populous. Before technology, the nature of viral interest has always been a part of our lives. 

When we show interest in something, our friends naturally want to know about it. Your friends have friends, and that is how it goes. It starts with the nucleus and then explodes in a nuclear fashion when the exposure is there. That exposure is the custom tshirt printing. 

The Design Process

The process of is one of laying down individual colors, one at a time and up to seven different colors. After the ink is deposited on top of a screen, a floodbar pushes the ink through holes in the mesh. A squeegee is then used to both push the mesh down onto the substrate as it squeezes out the ink and then pull it away, or snap-off as it is pulled up leaving that color of ink on the substrate. Each color is applied separately. As colors are layered onto the substrate, the artwork is revealed. 

The initial set up is a bit tedious, which is why this process is used to print volume as opposed to piecemeal work. It is more versatile and produces the highest quality print of all other methods of printing in the industry such as traditional methods that require printing under pressure. Once the run is set up, it is also a most economical method of reproducing the same graphic design on literally thousands of pieces. 

List of Items

Here is an extensive list of custom apparel, digital prints, and promotional products we offer:

  • T-Shirts – 100 percent cotton, blends, performance, tanks, ladies, youth, juniors and young men, tall, ring spun, long sleeve and specialty fashion
  • Polos and Knits – performance, easy care, silk touch, cotton, workwear, sweaters, mock and turtlenecks, ladies, youth and tall
  • Sweatshirts and Fleece – crewnecks, hoodie, performance, sweatpants, 1/2 and 1/4 zip, full zip, heavyweight, ladies, youth and tall
  • Caps – stretch-to-fit, performance, athlete, fashion, pigment-garment dyed, camouflage, safety, racing, full brim, visors, fleece, beanies, twill, scarves, gloves, ladies, youth, flexit and mesh back
  • Activewear – performance, jerseys, tanks, athletic, warm-ups, ladies, baseball, basketball, youth, pants and shorts
  • Outerwear – soft shell, polyester fleece, rainwear, 3-in-1, athletic, warm-ups, vests, corporate jackets, work jackets, golf outerwear, insulated jackets, camouflage, ladies, youth and tall
  • Woven Shirts – easy care, oxfords, workwear, denim, cotton, fishing, camp shirts, ladies, tall, cotton-poly blend, 100 percent cotton and premium wovens
  • Workwear – industrial work shirts, stain- and soil-resistant, industrial work pants and shorts, work jackets, safety, aprons, medical scrubs and polos
  • Bags – briefcases, messengers, backpacks, duffels, travel bags, golf bags, coolers and lunch bags, cinch packs, totes, grocery totes, specialty bags and rolling bags
  • Accessories – blankets, robes, towels, golf towels, aprons, scarves, gloves and other items

When it comes time to get your brand out there for all to see and get that viral conversation started, you don’t need to waste your time reinventing the wheel. Whether you are planning events, holding network meetings, attending a trade show, sponsoring a fundraiser or other arrangements that afford you the opportunity to distribute your well-designed logo, come to your one-stop-shop to get everything you need to fulfill your branding needs.

At Shop Strange in Portland, Oregon, we have catalogs stuffed with all the items mentioned above plus much more including branded garments and everything you could ever need to produce a smart swag bag. We only use state-of-the-art automatic screen printing presses plus we have manual presses to ensure printing perfection on your production runs. We use top-of-the-line conveyor dryers so that each print is cured. You want durable images that will last over time, so your brand has longevity among your wearers.

We even have a mobile-friendly, online Design Studio that allows you the freedom to express yourself. Do you need to design your brand logo? Are you looking to achieve an artistic digital design of your own? You can use your own art files or create some in our studio using our existing art templates that you can make your own. If that is not enough, we have over 1500 clip art designs and over 500 font styles at your disposal, and they are all royalty-free. If you cannot find what you are looking for in all of that, feel free to contact our sales team for assistance. 

Shop Strange – Portland Embroidery & Screen Printing
9220 SW Barbur Blvd #110
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 954-3478

Custom Screen Printing Portland

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